Long-awaited Mickey blanket

Several years ago I purchased the black and red yarn with intentions to make a “Hidden Mickey” blanket.  I found a pattern to make the hidden Mickey but could never figure out how to connect the motif to make a blanket. Then 2020 rolls around and I find myself with both time and yarn on my hands!

stashcoveryI told my hubby that unknowingly I’ve have been preparing for a quarantine (vs creating a respectable yarn stash!).

My original intent (before I remembered all that black and red yarn…) was to use up all my ‘extra’ balls of yarn. I had started a scrap-blanket with the smaller leftovers and thought I’d use the larger ones to make Mickey squares.  quaratine projects1

In the photo with my scrap-blanket and Mickey bobbles is Bun-Bun, my pocket-pet bunny. Jillian at Spin-a-Yarn Crochet is the creator of pocket pets.  !Warning! once you discover these adorable amigurumi you won’t want to stop making them.bobble mickey blanket 3

While searching Pinterest I found a Mickey bobble pattern! And voila one of my ‘quarantine projects’ was a Mickey Blanket! It’s a very easy pattern/diagram. I really enjoyed having something to keep my hands busy while my mind was worried and wandering.

Happy Crocheting!



Bring the happiness with you… Sunflower Bag

I found this pattern via Pinterest and just had to make it. I decided on a more muted colour pallet for mine.

sunflower bag first

When a friend saw it, she ordered one for her Mother’s birthday 🙂  Due to limited yarn stock I ended up using a brighter shade of yellow of that bag.

sunflower bag3

During the process my daughter mentioned that she liked the brighter yellow and white (vs aran /off white) soooo… I made one for her too.  Somehow I forgot to get finished photos of her bag!

sunflower bag2

You can find the pattern for these bright and cheerful bags at Crochet 365 Knit Two The pattern is straight forward and she’s made some videos if you need some help! { I found that I needed to put extra stitches at the corners when I was sewing the squares together since I didn’t like the gaps that happened when I put items in the bag. }

This is my first successful crochet bag and I think I need to learn how to add a liner. But that will be another crafting adventure!

Happy Crocheting



Homemade: Stitch Markers

I explained to my daughter that stitch markers are like bobby pins, hair elastics, and left socks…they just randomly disappear.

So yes, I always need more.

I have some of the store-bought ones but I do prefer more personal markers. They’re easy to make and relatively cheap too! (especially with store coupons!)

Materials: CrochetStitches stitch markers

  • needle nose plyers
  • charms of your choice
  • closing hook type earring back


  1. With plyers open the split ring on the charm.
  2. Attach it the earring  back (small hole on bottom)
  3. Close split ring
  4. Voila! The stitch marker is ready to go!!


CrochetStitches stitch markers 2


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