Saturday Stitch Library: Crab Stitch.

Oh my goodness! Why have I JUST learned this stitch!?!

It is so easy to do and it creates a nice finished edge that looks much fancier than it is!


Saturday Stitch Library: Crochet Braid

I found the Pulled Taffy Blanket by Marly Bird / Red Heart Crochet and at first, I thought it would be too confusing to make. The pattern wasn’t making sense as I read it. I looked for one of Marly’s video tutorials but have yet to find one for this blanket/stitch.

Below is a video for the stitch. The yarn artist appears to be a little new to making videos but it cleared up the ‘how to’ for me.


Saturday Stitch Library: Jasmine Stitch (Star Stitch)

This is what I consider an advanced stitch. I’m eager to try it but have a few Christmas projects that I have to complete first! It looks to be a stitch that once you learn it the project goes quickly.

Jasmine Stitch

Source: Meladora’s Creations for Crochet

Same stitch (Jasmine/Star Stitch) different video

by Crochet Jewel


Have you made something using this stitch? I’d love to see your yarn art!

~~ LavendarLadi

A Halloween table runner and the scary hook!

While looking for something to make my sister for her birthday I found a pattern for a Halloween themed table runner.  Eeeek… it calls for crochet thread and a teeny little hook. I’ve always been a bit afraid of these types of projects. (did I mention the hook is really little?)

But she loves decorating for Halloween and I love her. As you can tell… part of this project requires black thread!


It felt a little odd at first holding such a small hook and manipulating the crochet thread but… guess what?! It wasn’t as bad as I feared. Actually using the hook and thread was fine. Keeping track of how many ‘open’ and how many closed squares turned out to be trick in this treat of a gift! (There was quite a bit of frog’n !!)

The Stacked Pumpkin Table Runner pattern can be downloaded at the Red Heart site (here) It called for 2 balls of Classic Crochet Thread size 10 Pumpkin and one size 12 ball of Black. I found that I needed 3 balls (2 plus some) of the Pumpkin colour.

My sister and I are big Disney fans so I decided to modify the pattern a little. When I mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party_full_25199printed off (and enlarged) the graph I simply filled in a few extra spaces to form “Mickey ears” on the top pumpkin.



Another modification that I did was to the border. I was tight for time and decided to just add to the checkboard edge with a scallop finish to the ends vs the tassels.




Saturday Stitch Library: La Petite Grise (a variation of a wave stitch)

Good day! This is the first of a weekly post series. I’ll be sharing a new-to-me (or favourite) stitch here…. building my #stitchlibrary

I found this beautiful stitch; a variation of the shell stitch, on Patty Crochete. Kindly visit her site for instructions.

La Petite Grise


To begin, the numbers: multiple of 13 + 12 (for symmetry) + 2 stitches for the edge of each side of the work

Have you created some yarn art with this week’s stitch? I’d love to see it! Please do share 🙂