Crochet mood blanket 2014


I love this idea!!!!! I have other projects on the go for others it will be nice to make me something.

(I first rebloged this post on my “everything” site. Here’s the comments from there)

UPDATE (1-10-2014) .. Red Heart Super Saver is my ‘go to’ yarn. So I went to their website and picked colours! Now I just have to get to the store. That may be a week or two since I just bought yarn for 3.. yes 3 more baby blankets!

My plan: Keep a journal of my 3 ‘biggest’ moods for each week and make a tri-colour granny square. (simular to the original poster) but I think I’ll leave the style up to my mood each time I make one.

I’ll have to play catch up when I get the yarn but.. I really love this idea!!

Off to ponder my current projects!


And now some current thoughts…. [ Jan 29 2014 ]

I decided on these colours.  Did I mention I love Zulupoom’s idea of three colours and one square a week?  ❤

Relaxed   .. Green (Medium Thyme)

Stressed  .. Royal Blue

Motivated / Creative  .. Orange (Pumpkin)

Happy  .. Lavender

Low / tired  .. Light grey

Sick  .. Buff

Moody / Angry  .. Hot Red

Loving / Proud  .. Purple

Preoccupied  .. Yellow (Cornmeal)

Zulupomm's Blog

One of my (many) planned crochet projects this year is the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014.  It all started as a plan by Mummy Stacey another Instagram user.


Basically you have to crochet either a granny square a day or a granny square a week,  but in the colour matching your mood!
I’ve decided to use a size 4 hook & my favourite yarn; rico creative cotton aran rico baby classic dk (chosen instead of cotton due to the amount of aran it took to crochet just one square…over 1/2 ball of it! It would have been one costly blanket!) , in the following shades to match my moods:

My border colour and my colour to join them all together will be the same yarn in ecru:

I have searched &  searched for a granny square that I really loved but ended up going back to square one (sorry about…

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