Spring Green

It’s been a long winter. I’ve kept busy with lots of projects, mostly baby blankets!

The blanket that I started today makes me happy. I always love when I get to make a blanket from colours and yarn that I like.

Green Hellebore
Green Hellebore

The circle / granny ‘square’ I choose reminds me of a flower.

I love that shades of green and the Bernat Cotton yarn .

Here’s the first square =)  spring green square one


14 thoughts on “Spring Green”

    1. Thank you. I started off wanting a ‘kisses n hug’ Xs and Os theme but I didn’t like the X square I made so I just con’t with the circle. I think I’ll try again with another project in a solid colour.


      1. Has it touched the tree tops yet? 😉
        Snowed here again last night and some expected today. Cold less than zero for the first time this winter, so maybe some will stick today. It is windy, so it may just blow away.


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