What’s in a hook?

crochet hooks (10)

I’ve owned many crochet hooks over the years.  I currently own a nice collection. It does have several of the same size some are the same manufacturer several are not.  I started having multiples of the same size because I misplaced a hook or two. Then I purposefully had multiples because I leave my hook with the project, even when left for a while. Why? Because even if it’s the same size a hook by a different manufacturer has a different ‘neck’ and results in different stitches.

I prefer the metal hooks but grew tired of the same grey colour. Before I found metal hooks of various colours I tried the plastic hooks. They’re nice enough. Lighter. Honestly it does make a difference when my arthritis is acting up but I still prefer the metal ones.

Which leads me to today. I’m starting an afghan for my daughter’s 16th birthday. For years now I’ve stuck to baby blankets and small projects. Since I’m starting on a big project, a special project,  I thought I’d finally splurge on an expensive hook. (cringe..$8 Canadian)  It has a soft large ‘handle’ and the metal hook. So far I’m really liking it.  I may just put these types of hooks on my Christmas list!crochet hooks (14)

I know I’ll get that polite quizzical look when I tell my family. However, the hook, my tool, makes a difference. The type of hook and the colour. It’s even more important than the yarn for a lot of projects.

Do you have a favourite?  I’m curious. Now that I’ve tiptoed into the “expensive” hooks. Does brand matter?


2 comments on “What’s in a hook?

  1. i am totally with you, I like to leave the hook with the project, different hooks works better with different yarns, I like he plastic ones, how have they behaved for you?? 🙂


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