Chunky Rug

I love those big crocheted rugs that I’ve seen in the stores. I certainly wasn’t going to buy one when I could make one.WP_20150704_11_07_51_Pro

It was a little awkward working with such a large hook! But with a little experimenting it worked out.

WP_20150704_11_06_39_ProI don’t know why but I was also a little surprised at how quickly this project worked up! WP_20150704_11_05_41_Pro

I used two balls of the Bernat Mega Bulky and just made the pattern up as I worked.

I love this yarn! It is super soft. I haven’t put it in the bathroom yet because we’re not quite done. I’m pondering putting it in my bedroom instead because it seems a little too nice and cozy for a bathroom. Hummm….

Chuncky yarn crochet rug