A TARDIS for her

I grew up watching The Doctor.. Doctor Who ❤  So I was thrilled when my ‘baby’ girl became a Whovian.

Her 16th birthday was coming up and she didn’t know what she wanted so last summer I suggested that I could make her a TARDIS. Well three months later and a lot of blue Red Heart yarn…

TARDIS for her

I just need to add the words to the top and to the door panel.  I ran out of time for her birthday.  How did 16 sneak up so fast?

The pattern is here.  The only notes that I’d add to the wonderful pattern is:

For Row 115 onwards.. note how many total stitches per row. When I got to the light I found that the noted stitch count left my light off center. ( WHERE did I pick up those extra stitches?? )


Almost half way

It’s always exciting when you reach the point in your project where it start to look like what you have in mind! Just over a month to go until my “baby’s” 16th. I’ll have to stay focused on this one project to make sure it’s done by then.

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