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#CreativePeopleProblems ~ The error

While I enjoy challenges and variety in my crochet projects my all time favourite projects are baby blankets. No matter how straight forward of a design they always feel special.

I was happy to create this blanket for a lady at work who is eagerly expecting her a sister for her son.  Having lots of blue and neutral blankets already, she asked for a pink and white blanket. She was thrilled when I gave it to her last week.


If she wasn’t due soon I wouldn’t have given it to her. I was that tempted to either undo the whole thing or make a new one.  As I was taking photos so I could share my work I saw IT.

Arrrr I must have used a different hook when I started this blanket. That’s all I can see every time I look now.  #creativepeopleproblems


Can’t love what you’re making? Love who you’re making it for.

A friend asked me to make a hat set for her daughter and her daughters elves. I told her that I have yet to make a hat ‘successfully’. But she had faith that I could create something that she would like.

After many tries with various patterns, I finally ran out of time and had to give her my last attempt.

The hardest part is she had a hat in mind that didn’t have a pattern. So I now had to figure out how to make a hat and find a pattern that was close to what she wanted. I don’t think I succeed but she’s kind and said it was lovely. It was so much bigger than I imagined. My daughter says that because I’m not used to slouch hats.    20151124_100129

This project really hit home for me why I crochet. It’s the creative process that I enjoy. I like the colours and textures. I like figuring out the patterns.  It’s the joy of making it.

Having to make something that was picked by someone else by a specific time was work. I don’t think I could have finished this project if it wasn’t for someone I really liked. ( I was excited to find a project to use these adorable button with!!)

She asked for a slouch hat, a scarf and mittens plus matching hats/scarves for her daughter’s elves.

The rest of her order worked up well. I had fun creating tech covers. And I loved the yarn and pattern for the toddler/infant sets. Overall I was excited to create projects for this friend and was honoured that she asked me to make these for her. I hope her daughter enjoys them!

by CrochetStitchesandButterflyKisses.wordpress.com

The pattern for the slouch hat was easy to follow. You can find it at Cats-rockin-crochet.blogspot.com.au

The infant/toddler set’s patterns can be found in the post linked above.

The pattern that I used to make the scarf can be found at ravelry.com/patterns/library/no-holes-baby-blanket

I made some slight changes to the mitten pattern found at redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-mittens-all

For the mittens: I shortened the cuff by a few stitches and did 20 rows for the cuff. Which meant 20 stitches for the round that creates the hand part. From their I followed the pattern for child (adjusting for the extra stitches.) I did this because the child’s size is too small and the woman’s is too big for a 10 yrs old girl.

Mittens for Lions

Often the younger kids at the school I work at forget /loose a mitten or two.Mittens and yarn

Just as often they only have one pair of thin gloves that just don’t dry out by second recess. So I’m using my odd balls of yarn to make mittens (and some scarves).


little scarves

Our mascot is the Lion. I’m making mittens to keep those little paws warm!

I found a nice basic pattern that I’ve used as inspiration.  The kids I’m making mittens for are 7 – 10 yrs, so in the pattern the children’s is too small and the ladies is too big.  I have small hands so I’ve been just using my hand as a measurement and …well… eye balling it from there.  What I really liked about this pattern was the idea of a longer cuff. Playing in the snow is much more fun when your mitten is securely tucked in your sleeve and no snow gets in.

Regardless of what pattern you use I highly recommend a stitch marker!! You can buy them or use a safety pin or even a contrasting piece of yarn.  (mine is near the  !  in the photo below)long cuff

At the moment I only had this light blue one. It would have been better with a different colour for this mitten.  I only had that one left 😦  they are like bobby pins  and socks…. they mysteriously disappear!

Working up the nerve..

I’ve had several friends tell me that I should sell some of the things I make. So I’ve made three baby blankets and I’m working on some Christmas gifts / scarves.

Now I just have to get up the nerve to put my blankets out there for sale.  I’m not sure if I’m more scared that no one will want them or that if someone will buy and like them.

I started a blog with the name I want to use. I’ve read blog posts, magazine articals and “how to tips”.


Here’s a peek.

Edit: I did it!! Here’s my post on my other crochet / craft blog, Ailanthus Knots.

A TARDIS for her

I grew up watching The Doctor.. Doctor Who ❤  So I was thrilled when my ‘baby’ girl became a Whovian.

Her 16th birthday was coming up and she didn’t know what she wanted so last summer I suggested that I could make her a TARDIS. Well three months later and a lot of blue Red Heart yarn…

TARDIS for her

I just need to add the words to the top and to the door panel.  I ran out of time for her birthday.  How did 16 sneak up so fast?

The pattern is here.  The only notes that I’d add to the wonderful pattern is:

For Row 115 onwards.. note how many total stitches per row. When I got to the light I found that the noted stitch count left my light off center. ( WHERE did I pick up those extra stitches?? )


Almost half way

It’s always exciting when you reach the point in your project where it start to look like what you have in mind! Just over a month to go until my “baby’s” 16th. I’ll have to stay focused on this one project to make sure it’s done by then.

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Hummm another thing to add to my “to try” list 😉  KINDLY VISIT THE ORIGINAL POST TO COMMENT OR FOR QUESTIONS.

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I like the idea of fiber jewelry, it is unique and very high fashion. There is no two alike, no mass production,NO!!

Fiber artists can create for each person and that is why fiber jewelry rocks!!

Take a look at these, I found them online, you guessed..pinterest 🙂

The thread you would use for jewelry is of a better quality it needs to be fine and luxurious so that the project can look chic.







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What’s in a hook?

crochet hooks (10)

I’ve owned many crochet hooks over the years.  I currently own a nice collection. It does have several of the same size some are the same manufacturer several are not.  I started having multiples of the same size because I misplaced a hook or two. Then I purposefully had multiples because I leave my hook with the project, even when left for a while. Why? Because even if it’s the same size a hook by a different manufacturer has a different ‘neck’ and results in different stitches.

I prefer the metal hooks but grew tired of the same grey colour. Before I found metal hooks of various colours I tried the plastic hooks. They’re nice enough. Lighter. Honestly it does make a difference when my arthritis is acting up but I still prefer the metal ones.

Which leads me to today. I’m starting an afghan for my daughter’s 16th birthday. For years now I’ve stuck to baby blankets and small projects. Since I’m starting on a big project, a special project,  I thought I’d finally splurge on an expensive hook. (cringe..$8 Canadian)  It has a soft large ‘handle’ and the metal hook. So far I’m really liking it.  I may just put these types of hooks on my Christmas list!crochet hooks (14)

I know I’ll get that polite quizzical look when I tell my family. However, the hook, my tool, makes a difference. The type of hook and the colour. It’s even more important than the yarn for a lot of projects.

Do you have a favourite?  I’m curious. Now that I’ve tiptoed into the “expensive” hooks. Does brand matter?