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Bunny Blanket and Stuffy

In May I found out that two of the lovely ladies that I worked with were expecting! I furiously worked on the Honey Bee Blanket knowing that Ms S was moving to another school this Fall.

Also, Mme N wasn’t sure of her baby room colour/theme. Eventually, a theme was picked and off I went to Pinterest for inspiration.  I found a blanket that I liked but since this will be a Fall baby I wanted less mesh. I decided to make one panel with the base pattern then add two other panels with a simple Suzette/Grit stitch. (lots of texture to show off the incredible softness of the yarn.)

A stuffed bunny was also needed. I fell in love with a pattern by One Dog Woof. Sadly I just couldn’t get the pattern to work with Homespun Quick and Thick. ( I ended up making an infinity scarf for my daughter out of that yarn.)


I wish I had the patience to have made bunny out of that yarn but I’m pleased with how Rory (had to name him) turn out when using Bernat Softee.IMG_20190721_2102010.jpg

Rory turned out to be a cute little bunny. I added my own flair to the pattern by adding in patches on the ears and feet.  I wanted to use some of the yarn from the blanket to tie the two together.


Whenever I make a stuffed animal I add a crochet heart. The spaces between the stitches in these hearts are filled with love, kindness, and bravery. So the stuffy can take care of his/her child.by Crochet Stitches and Butterfly Kisses heart with bravery and kindness


The blanket was made using Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta. OMG I loved working with this yarn. The texture is amazing and it works up beautifully!!!

The bunny blanket panel pattern came from Red Heart Filet Crochet Bunny  I ended up enlarging the diagram then writing on it so I could keep track of rows and spaces.











I still can not laugh about it but… all my in-progress photos I had the panel draped. They only showing two of the three bunnies. I had intended to have the bottom and top bunnies facing one direction with the middle facing opposite. To my HORROR I only noticed my error when I looked at the end photos on the day I was to gift the blanket.



The blanket was edged with a fan stitch. Again I wanted texture for this simple baby blanket. I also liked that the edge wasn’t solid since I wanted it to relate to the mesh part of this blanket.


Mom-to-be was happy with her blanket and my kind FB friends commented that the one wrong direction bunny added character.

I’m torn between making this blanket again (with the middle bunny facing opposite) and leaving this pattern as a one-of-a-kind.




Yarn & Tea… March Break

It was another slow month but a productive one! My Little Miss Sleepy Bunny was finished over our March Break and I have an order for two Sleepy Bunnies. These bunnies will have pink skirts. I wrote a post about Little Miss, you can find it HERE.P_20180323_101357_vHDR_On

I had to take a wee break before working on them because I’ve promised my hubby that I’d make a cushion cover for him. He was given a Christmas themed pillow which he loves but wants it more all season.

CrochetStitchesButterflyKisses (1)

I love the waffle stitch as anyone who’s read my posts over the past several months knows! I’m glad he does too because it’s such a relaxing pattern. CrochetStitchesButterflyKisses (3)

I adore the Sleepy Bunny but she requires a tight stitch with a heavier yarn. My hands needed a break before continuing on with the pink skirted bunnies.

CrochetStitchesButterflyKisses (4).jpg

During my lazy lovely week when I needed to pause from making the sleepy bunny I coloured. Such a relaxing thing to do. And, well, I can’t leave the book uncoloured! 😉

CrochetStitchesButterflyKisses (2)

I’d love to see what you’ve been up to in March. Please feel free to link here so we can see.

yarn n tea


November’s Yarn & Tea

Yumm, Sipping on some Sugar Cookie tea taking a break from decorating and crocheting to chat about my projects for the last month. It occurs to me that even with the long list of WIPs my hand hasn’t been hurting! For a while there I was starting to think about making those special baby blankets now because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to crochet when I was blessed with grandbabies. I wonder what the difference is? I’ve lost a fair bit of weight/ changed how I eat… wonder if that is it?

Anyways… What was on your hook last month?

I’ve been working on hats this month. I’m excited about that because previous attempts didn’t work out. I’m enjoying the simple patterns that I’ve been using and that they work up so quickly. Partly because it’s nice to see a finished project but really it occurs to me that my nephews may lose the hats and since it didn’t take long to make I won’t be upset. LOL


My son has been my model for these hats. He likes his hats snug but I’m not sure if his cousins will so for one hat I used the yarn’s recommended hook size and the other I used a size down. I did make the rounds two stitches shorter because the first hat was way too loose for a beanie. P_20171203_094135_vHDR_On.jpg

I’ve been using Red Heart Soft in Navy, Wine and Dark Leaf (sorry the colours in the photos don’t reflect this) The hat that was on the loose side I used a 5.5mm and the smaller one 5mm


I’ve also been working on a Christmas scarf for me but it’s slow going because I had the brilliant idea to do thin-ish strips on a scarf. I’m torn about what to do when it’s long enough. The edges are not as smooth as I’d like so I could put an edge on to hide them but will that ruin the stripe effect?



And then there are all the ends to weave in. If the yarn wasn’t so soft I may have abandoned this project. Or at least set it aside for next year. I’m going to finish it today.


I’ll see how I feel when I get to “long enough” or the end of the balls. 😉

I only have a  two more hats to make for gifts. I may make scarves to go with the hats for my daughter and nephew’s girlfriend.

Plus we do a gift exchange game with all of our family. This year’s theme is homemade. The only tricky part is making something that everyone could use.

Perhaps I’ll make a bag holder?

Cheers & Happy Holidays.

May all your WIP be finished on time and may

at least one of your gifts be new yarn!artist Scarletfoxfibers.jpg