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Bunny Blanket and Stuffy

In May I found out that two of the lovely ladies that I worked with were expecting! I furiously worked on the Honey Bee Blanket knowing that Ms S was moving to another school this Fall.

Also, Mme N wasn’t sure of her baby room colour/theme. Eventually, a theme was picked and off I went to Pinterest for inspiration.  I found a blanket that I liked but since this will be a Fall baby I wanted less mesh. I decided to make one panel with the base pattern then add two other panels with a simple Suzette/Grit stitch. (lots of texture to show off the incredible softness of the yarn.)

A stuffed bunny was also needed. I fell in love with a pattern by One Dog Woof. Sadly I just couldn’t get the pattern to work with Homespun Quick and Thick. ( I ended up making an infinity scarf for my daughter out of that yarn.)


I wish I had the patience to have made bunny out of that yarn but I’m pleased with how Rory (had to name him) turn out when using Bernat Softee.IMG_20190721_2102010.jpg

Rory turned out to be a cute little bunny. I added my own flair to the pattern by adding in patches on the ears and feet.  I wanted to use some of the yarn from the blanket to tie the two together.


Whenever I make a stuffed animal I add a crochet heart. The spaces between the stitches in these hearts are filled with love, kindness, and bravery. So the stuffy can take care of his/her child.by Crochet Stitches and Butterfly Kisses heart with bravery and kindness


The blanket was made using Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta. OMG I loved working with this yarn. The texture is amazing and it works up beautifully!!!

The bunny blanket panel pattern came from Red Heart Filet Crochet Bunny  I ended up enlarging the diagram then writing on it so I could keep track of rows and spaces.











I still can not laugh about it but… all my in-progress photos I had the panel draped. They only showing two of the three bunnies. I had intended to have the bottom and top bunnies facing one direction with the middle facing opposite. To my HORROR I only noticed my error when I looked at the end photos on the day I was to gift the blanket.



The blanket was edged with a fan stitch. Again I wanted texture for this simple baby blanket. I also liked that the edge wasn’t solid since I wanted it to relate to the mesh part of this blanket.


Mom-to-be was happy with her blanket and my kind FB friends commented that the one wrong direction bunny added character.

I’m torn between making this blanket again (with the middle bunny facing opposite) and leaving this pattern as a one-of-a-kind.




Can’t love what you’re making? Love who you’re making it for.

A friend asked me to make a hat set for her daughter and her daughters elves. I told her that I have yet to make a hat ‘successfully’. But she had faith that I could create something that she would like.

After many tries with various patterns, I finally ran out of time and had to give her my last attempt.

The hardest part is she had a hat in mind that didn’t have a pattern. So I now had to figure out how to make a hat and find a pattern that was close to what she wanted. I don’t think I succeed but she’s kind and said it was lovely. It was so much bigger than I imagined. My daughter says that because I’m not used to slouch hats.    20151124_100129

This project really hit home for me why I crochet. It’s the creative process that I enjoy. I like the colours and textures. I like figuring out the patterns.  It’s the joy of making it.

Having to make something that was picked by someone else by a specific time was work. I don’t think I could have finished this project if it wasn’t for someone I really liked. ( I was excited to find a project to use these adorable button with!!)

She asked for a slouch hat, a scarf and mittens plus matching hats/scarves for her daughter’s elves.

The rest of her order worked up well. I had fun creating tech covers. And I loved the yarn and pattern for the toddler/infant sets. Overall I was excited to create projects for this friend and was honoured that she asked me to make these for her. I hope her daughter enjoys them!

by CrochetStitchesandButterflyKisses.wordpress.com

The pattern for the slouch hat was easy to follow. You can find it at Cats-rockin-crochet.blogspot.com.au

The infant/toddler set’s patterns can be found in the post linked above.

The pattern that I used to make the scarf can be found at ravelry.com/patterns/library/no-holes-baby-blanket

I made some slight changes to the mitten pattern found at redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-mittens-all

For the mittens: I shortened the cuff by a few stitches and did 20 rows for the cuff. Which meant 20 stitches for the round that creates the hand part. From their I followed the pattern for child (adjusting for the extra stitches.) I did this because the child’s size is too small and the woman’s is too big for a 10 yrs old girl.

Something snuggly

This spring I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands so…

I decided to make some baby blankets to sell. This is all very new and a little strange for me. At first I found it difficult to make something without someone in mind. (I really do put love into my projects!!)

I also didn’t care for the pattern at first. My family liked it and coaxed me to keep going. Now that I have two done in the basket weave stitch (as I call it) I found I really do like it.

I found my inspiration on Pinterest (I LOVE that site!!) It’s a free pattern by Tamara of Moogly Blog

I had another blanket that I started for someone I worked with but lost touch with. 😦 I took inspiration from her colours of Sunshine Yellow and Elephant Grey. Grey is such a trendy colour in nurseries lately.

So now I have blankets in a neutral, a traditional girl and a traditional boy colour sets. The blue and pink are made with Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn. The yellow is made with Red Heart Super Saver.

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I finally worked up the nerve to put them up for sale.(And on my crochet/craft site: Ailanthus Knots)  I started on the local Kijiji site. I’m not sure what I’m most nervous about.. actually selling them or letting some stranger take one of my blankets.