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Yarn and Coffee ~ February

If we were having coffee this month I’d tell you about my big project and the thrill of how a ‘ new stitch’ worked.

I’m enjoying an iced latte, since it’s been unseasonably warm. What can I pour for you?

February was a mad rush to get my son’s blanket done before his birthday. I am pleased with how it looks. I didn’t think I’d be happy at all with the finished project.jack-skellington-c2c-crochetstitchesbutterflykisses-3

It looks good overall and to the non-yarn artist. My son likes it and that’s what’s important.

Up close I see many spots where I made errors and while looking over the blanket I can see the ‘learning’ stages. I learned that a ball of yarn for each colour section makes a tidier blanket vs cutting (and leaving more tails!!) with the colour switches. I also learned that I shouldn’t cut tails late at night because I snipped a stitch or two and that’s a (&(%^ to fix.



I had a wee bit of time to create something for me this month. I’ve seen earbuds decorated with crochet on Pinterest so I thought it would be a fun way to add to my new walking routine!

~ ~ ~

What yarn art have you created this month?


edit: This week (and this post) started in February ..so I’m counting it as the Yarn and Coffee post for February 😉


Off my hook in 2016

Looking back on 2016 I love the few projects that I finished but I have more unfinished projects that WILL be picked up in 2017. A baby’s blanket needs an edging. A wrap that I had forgotten about.(It just needs the ends weaved.) My mood blanket needs months of squares. My son’s 16th birthday blanket is due in a couple months. And the pineapple shawl needs to be found and finished.  ~~sigh~~

I did finish a wrap in my son’s school colours that kept me warm while watching football games.I also finished another summer wrap when I did my first review of a yarn. I made a Baymax for my nephew. And some spirit wear scarves for my daughter and her boyfriend. I also made some kitchen towels but (gasp) forgot to take photos of them.

Well here’s to a more creative 2017!

A few of 2016s posts:

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‘Shawl in a Ball’ a review of sorts

My first impression of the yarn was wondering if I received the wrong colour !! It’s my best guess that it is just how this ball of yarn was wrapped since a peek in the centre shows more purple.

Then, finding a pattern is not as easy as I thought it would be. So far the beginners patterns that I am interested in for this yarn on the Lion Brand site are “out of stock”.   But I really wanted to try this yarn. It’s soft and airy. I found this beautiful pattern by Crochet Kim. I’m excited to start and let you know how it turns out!


So, it turns out that one ball is not quite enough for a shawl. Considering the price of one ball I expected it to be enough for a full shawl.  It does however, make a nice summer wrap or wide light scarf.

As for the colour… I never did get past my initial reaction. There’s far more faded grey-ish tones than purple in this ball. The over all effect for the wrap is nice but not what I expected from “Mindful Mauve”

Over all, the yarn and project is ok but not what I expected when the yarn is called ‘Shawl in a Ball.’ I’ve never wrote a review before (and not sure I will again) but I was so taken by the idea when I first read about this yarn .. that image I had just didn’t happen.



What’s in a hook?

crochet hooks (10)

I’ve owned many crochet hooks over the years.  I currently own a nice collection. It does have several of the same size some are the same manufacturer several are not.  I started having multiples of the same size because I misplaced a hook or two. Then I purposefully had multiples because I leave my hook with the project, even when left for a while. Why? Because even if it’s the same size a hook by a different manufacturer has a different ‘neck’ and results in different stitches.

I prefer the metal hooks but grew tired of the same grey colour. Before I found metal hooks of various colours I tried the plastic hooks. They’re nice enough. Lighter. Honestly it does make a difference when my arthritis is acting up but I still prefer the metal ones.

Which leads me to today. I’m starting an afghan for my daughter’s 16th birthday. For years now I’ve stuck to baby blankets and small projects. Since I’m starting on a big project, a special project,  I thought I’d finally splurge on an expensive hook. (cringe..$8 Canadian)  It has a soft large ‘handle’ and the metal hook. So far I’m really liking it.  I may just put these types of hooks on my Christmas list!crochet hooks (14)

I know I’ll get that polite quizzical look when I tell my family. However, the hook, my tool, makes a difference. The type of hook and the colour. It’s even more important than the yarn for a lot of projects.

Do you have a favourite?  I’m curious. Now that I’ve tiptoed into the “expensive” hooks. Does brand matter?

Yarndale 2014 | Festival of creativity and craft in Skipton, North Yorkshire – Yorkshire Dales

Yarndale 2014 | Festival of creativity and craft in Skipton, North Yorkshire – Yorkshire Dales.

via Yarndale 2014 | Festival of creativity and craft in Skipton, North Yorkshire – Yorkshire Dales.



I wish I could go here!  The lovely lady behind it is the author of the blog Attic 24

It sounds like such a dizzy array of fun!

January Blahs

Well I just couldn’t get myself motivated in January. Maybe because I’ve had this “forever” cold or just the January blah’s but I haven’t even finished a very simple baby blanket!

I have that blanket plus two more to do. Thankfully I have ’til April and July to finish the other two. I also have yarn for an infinity scarf and I want to go buy the yarn for my mood blanket. Plus the ” hidden Mickey” blanket that I started last summer…. but that one is fiddly. Something isn’t “right” with the pattern. ..Oh well it will come to me and I’ll finish it.

Enough procrastinating …  off to finish that blanket! Picture to be posted soon =)