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Honey Bee Baby Blanket

My all time favourite projects are baby blankets! They’re even more special to make when I get to make one for someone I know. ❤

I worked with Ms S for a few years and was ecstatic when she announced that she was expecting. So thrilled for her and happy that I get to make a special blanket! When it was time to make decisions she didn’t know if they wanted to find out the gender of baby. But she did know that yellow was going to be a big part of baby’s room.

While browsing Pinterest I found this inspiration…

I liked the texture of the join and the simple hexagon pattern.  This was May,  I had only a month before the summer break. Next school year Ms S will be at a new school and I will be retired from my job at the school. So I had to get this done!

While wondering the yarn aisles I couldn’t decide on a shade of yellow. So I picked all three ❤ Normally I take photos of the yarn before I start but this time I was so excited I forgot! They’re all Red Heart brand …the medium is Soft Essentials, shade: Lemonade. The other two, if I remember right, are Super Saver. (one is pale yellow and the other… I forget the shade’s name)



As I pondered the shades of yellow,  I found Red Heart Amigurumi Bee’s  The package comes with enough yarn to make two. I made one bee then used the rest to make my two applique bees.

This was the first time I had to deconstruct the ‘ball’ in order to make the project. It felt a little odd but it is a good way to make sure all the required yarn stays together.

If I had the time I would have purchased another package (the yarn does not frog well.) I didn’t like the line created by working in a spiral as the pattern indicates.

There are several bee applique patterns however I couldn’t find a bee applique pattern that I liked so I just winged it from a few photos. Then put a bazillion stitches in with a bee on each side of the blanket. I was terrified that the bee would come off as baby played.


I am very pleased about how this blanket turned out! You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that the blanket inspired the Mom-to-bee to set up her crib; so she could see it all together!


March is National Crochet Month


I was happy to find this tidbit of information while reading Lion Brand Yarn Facebook post this morning.

March is National Crochet Month! We’re celebrating with a stitch a day from our StitchFinder.

Let’s kick things off with a little Fanfare – that’s the name of this elegant stitch! Learn how to do it here: http://lby.co/1C4dMGU

~~~~~~~~ And on Red Heart Yarn’s blog they’ve posted:~~~~~~~~

March is National Craft and National Crochet month, and we are excited to share with you our ideas on ways to celebrate and take part in the fun!


<<<<<<<<And on Ravelry…>>>>>>>>


March is National Crochet Month (NATCROMO) in the USA and this group is the go-to place for the annual Crochet Month party on Ravelry. The origins of National Crochet Month are a bit unclear. So we have also deemed it International Crochet Month (ITCROMO) on Ravelry.

Welcome! Be sure to introduce yourself and join the conversation. There will also be Games, CALs, Chats, and more.

We hope you enjoy yourself as we celebrate crochet and Ravelry and crochet on Ravelry!

What other Crochet Month celebrations have you seen?

I’m off to ponder what I’m going to create this month!