Honey Bee Baby Blanket

My all time favourite projects are baby blankets! They’re even more special to make when I get to make one for someone I know. ❤

I worked with Ms S for a few years and was ecstatic when she announced that she was expecting. So thrilled for her and happy that I get to make a special blanket! When it was time to make decisions she didn’t know if they wanted to find out the gender of baby. But she did know that yellow was going to be a big part of baby’s room.

While browsing Pinterest I found this inspiration…

I liked the texture of the join and the simple hexagon pattern.  This was May,  I had only a month before the summer break. Next school year Ms S will be at a new school and I will be retired from my job at the school. So I had to get this done!

While wondering the yarn aisles I couldn’t decide on a shade of yellow. So I picked all three ❤ Normally I take photos of the yarn before I start but this time I was so excited I forgot! They’re all Red Heart brand …the medium is Soft Essentials, shade: Lemonade. The other two, if I remember right, are Super Saver. (one is pale yellow and the other… I forget the shade’s name)



As I pondered the shades of yellow,  I found Red Heart Amigurumi Bee’s  The package comes with enough yarn to make two. I made one bee then used the rest to make my two applique bees.

This was the first time I had to deconstruct the ‘ball’ in order to make the project. It felt a little odd but it is a good way to make sure all the required yarn stays together.

If I had the time I would have purchased another package (the yarn does not frog well.) I didn’t like the line created by working in a spiral as the pattern indicates.

There are several bee applique patterns however I couldn’t find a bee applique pattern that I liked so I just winged it from a few photos. Then put a bazillion stitches in with a bee on each side of the blanket. I was terrified that the bee would come off as baby played.


I am very pleased about how this blanket turned out! You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that the blanket inspired the Mom-to-bee to set up her crib; so she could see it all together!


Wooly Wednesday – Bright Yellow & Blue

Every piece of yarn art starts with the yarn aisle. When you have a project in mind it doesn’t start until you find the right texture; the right colour; the perfect shade.

Often we fall in love with the yarn and then find a project to celebrate the yarn! 😉


Part of my Wooly Wednesday series. Celebrating yarn from my stash. Soon I’ll be adding photos from my wish list. I’ll soon have a semi-regular blog post and a new Pinterest board<3

yarn n coffee

Yarn and Coffee – June .. I finished projects!!!

Welcome. Pull up a chair on my porch.  Would you like an ice tea (sorry, I’m Canadian it’s not iced tea) maybe an ice coffee?  June’s Yarn and Coffee is a wee bit later than planned. The construction next door cut my phone line and we had to wait until today for it to be repaired.

I’m feeling very good about this month. I finally finished those wraps and a couple other new little projects!

made with Impeccable by Loops & Threads (FERN) / trim done with Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand in Radiant Lime

made with Caron Cakes – Lemon Lime


made with Soft & Shiny by Loops & Threads – Royal Blue and Yellow

My oldest nephew graduated from high school and I couldn’t be prouder! Lots of awards and a few scholarships! So I had to make him a scarf with his universities colours!

I’m trying not to blink because when I do he’ll be graduating university as a mechanical engineer.


A few months ago I bought some new curtains. I just got around to making some tiebacks for them. So I guess I should add this project to the finished the PHD projects 😉



In July I think I’ll work on posting some more details about last months projects and working on my “Molly poncho”.

What came off your hook this month?

Did you make a gift for someone?

I do so love hearing about your yarn adventures. In my Reader, I found Tanglewood Knots highlights for June.

Mittens for Lions

Often the younger kids at the school I work at forget /loose a mitten or two.Mittens and yarn

Just as often they only have one pair of thin gloves that just don’t dry out by second recess. So I’m using my odd balls of yarn to make mittens (and some scarves).


little scarves

Our mascot is the Lion. I’m making mittens to keep those little paws warm!

I found a nice basic pattern that I’ve used as inspiration.  The kids I’m making mittens for are 7 – 10 yrs, so in the pattern the children’s is too small and the ladies is too big.  I have small hands so I’ve been just using my hand as a measurement and …well… eye balling it from there.  What I really liked about this pattern was the idea of a longer cuff. Playing in the snow is much more fun when your mitten is securely tucked in your sleeve and no snow gets in.

Regardless of what pattern you use I highly recommend a stitch marker!! You can buy them or use a safety pin or even a contrasting piece of yarn.  (mine is near the  !  in the photo below)long cuff

At the moment I only had this light blue one. It would have been better with a different colour for this mitten.  I only had that one left 😦  they are like bobby pins  and socks…. they mysteriously disappear!

Little projects

This is my first summer with no bigger projects. I started with projects because of the many hours I used to spend sitting and watching / waiting for my kids. It used to be 2 to 3 hours at swim lessons 5 days a week plus 2 to 3 hours of baseball 4 / 5 nights a week plus trips to the pool with their cousins for several hours every couple of days. I had A LOT of time to work on projects.
Now my babies are more grown up. Swim lessons are done, baseball is down to just a couple nights a week (and being score keeper my hands are busy), my oldest has a job and they don’t need Mom to be at the pool any more.

So far this summer I’ve made a baby blanket to get ahead of things. Last fall/winter that’s all I did!

I made a few scarves, one for daughter and one for Christmas gifts.

I have a baby blanket the I started for someone at work but she’s left that job. I think I’ll finish the body and leave the trim. The sunshine yellow and elephant grey is trendy. I’ll personalize it when I have someone specific to give it to.

I tdouble strand lap blanket (1)ried to make a shawl but had a very difficult time following the pattern. I gave up on the pattern and free formed it. Did NOT like that. So I just made a lap blanket.

I also got a wonderful bag of possibilities! I’ll save that for another post.