Pattern: Spring Granny Square

Please be patient.. This is my very first attempt at writing down a pattern.  I often take inspiration from others work. I will like how they started a square and how someone else finished theirs. So I’ll just mesh them together.

I wrote this more or less as I say it in my head. (sorry) So there is few short forms.  I’ve added photos to the bits I’m not sure that I explained well. Please .. all feedback will be most welcome.

Spring Green Granny by LavendarLadi

Edit (Feb 10 2014) round three & five

ch = chain

Round ONE
cast on, chain 5, join with slip stitch

Round TWO

ch 3

make 11 double stitches

join with slip stitch


Makfinishing puff stitching 12 ‘three strand’ puff stitches

connect with previous round between stitches (not in stitch)

ch 2

start double stitch leave on hook

start second double stitch leave on hook

pull through all three loops on hook, puff one done

ch 1

for next 11 puffs

* start double stitch leave on hook

start second double stitch leave on hook

start third double stitch leave on hook

pull through all four loops on hook, puff done

ch 1

repeat from * for total of 12 puffs

join with slip stitch


> work all clusters in between previous puff stitches

cluster round

ch 2

double stitch

double stitch

ch 2

first cluster done

* double stitch

double stitch

double stitch

ch 2

[repeat from  * 10 more times..makes 12 clusters in total]

Round FIVE

adding edge/ corners to the circle

First two clusters are corner: place in same space (see photo below)

ch 2

double stitch

double stitch

ch 2

double stitch

double stitch

double stitch

(corner done)

ch 2 (skipping over below cluster, work this rounds into space beside below cluster)

double stitch

ch 2

double stitch

ch 2

corner(working two clusters in same space)

double stitch

double stitch

double stitch

ch 2

double stitch

double stitch

double stitch

(corner done)

ch 2

REPEAT for next three sides / two corners

You’ll arrive at last corner where you started.

join with slip stitch.

close up

Spring Green

It’s been a long winter. I’ve kept busy with lots of projects, mostly baby blankets!

The blanket that I started today makes me happy. I always love when I get to make a blanket from colours and yarn that I like.

Green Hellebore
Green Hellebore

The circle / granny ‘square’ I choose reminds me of a flower.

I love that shades of green and the Bernat Cotton yarn .

Here’s the first square =)  spring green square one

Travel Theme: Yellow

A tiny yellow crochet project!

Patchwork Ponderings

This week’s challenge is YELLOW. I’m so looking forward to warm spring days full of yellow daffodils !

dots n string


Here’s a previous “yellow” theme if you need more sunshine and a cup of tea to sip while you enjoy (_);

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January Blahs

Well I just couldn’t get myself motivated in January. Maybe because I’ve had this “forever” cold or just the January blah’s but I haven’t even finished a very simple baby blanket!

I have that blanket plus two more to do. Thankfully I have ’til April and July to finish the other two. I also have yarn for an infinity scarf and I want to go buy the yarn for my mood blanket. Plus the ” hidden Mickey” blanket that I started last summer…. but that one is fiddly. Something isn’t “right” with the pattern. ..Oh well it will come to me and I’ll finish it.

Enough procrastinating …  off to finish that blanket! Picture to be posted soon =)

Today’s post isn’t a pattern: how to price your work

Thanks for the useful information! People have suggested I sell some of my creations but I’ve always been a little unsure. I’m not even sure how to start but… Just in case I do.

UK Crochet Patterns

We saw this on Nadine’s blog and thought we’d re-post as it’s a subject that’s often hard to work out: how to price your work.

Nadine’s post is here.

The calculator is here.

Obviously, you’re going to charge whatever you feel comfortable charging, but if, like us when we started out, you don’t have a clue about what you should charge, this calculator will be a big help. You will doubtless be charging far too little and feeling guilty about even that – we were!

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Crochet mood blanket 2014


I love this idea!!!!! I have other projects on the go for others it will be nice to make me something.

(I first rebloged this post on my “everything” site. Here’s the comments from there)

UPDATE (1-10-2014) .. Red Heart Super Saver is my ‘go to’ yarn. So I went to their website and picked colours! Now I just have to get to the store. That may be a week or two since I just bought yarn for 3.. yes 3 more baby blankets!

My plan: Keep a journal of my 3 ‘biggest’ moods for each week and make a tri-colour granny square. (simular to the original poster) but I think I’ll leave the style up to my mood each time I make one.

I’ll have to play catch up when I get the yarn but.. I really love this idea!!

Off to ponder my current projects!


And now some current thoughts…. [ Jan 29 2014 ]

I decided on these colours.  Did I mention I love Zulupoom’s idea of three colours and one square a week?  ❤

Relaxed   .. Green (Medium Thyme)

Stressed  .. Royal Blue

Motivated / Creative  .. Orange (Pumpkin)

Happy  .. Lavender

Low / tired  .. Light grey

Sick  .. Buff

Moody / Angry  .. Hot Red

Loving / Proud  .. Purple

Preoccupied  .. Yellow (Cornmeal)

Zulupomm's Blog

One of my (many) planned crochet projects this year is the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014.  It all started as a plan by Mummy Stacey another Instagram user.


Basically you have to crochet either a granny square a day or a granny square a week,  but in the colour matching your mood!
I’ve decided to use a size 4 hook & my favourite yarn; rico creative cotton aran rico baby classic dk (chosen instead of cotton due to the amount of aran it took to crochet just one square…over 1/2 ball of it! It would have been one costly blanket!) , in the following shades to match my moods:

My border colour and my colour to join them all together will be the same yarn in ecru:

I have searched &  searched for a granny square that I really loved but ended up going back to square one (sorry about…

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Fall crochet projects finished…almost

Patchwork Ponderings

What I love about a creative process is that you can start off with an idea, some materials and time, then end up with something different than you imagined.  That’s the wonderful thing about imagination …it wanders.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.Tolkin

These projects were close to what I had envisioned but not quite.

I like the swirly scarves and the colours. I wasn’t thrilled that I couldn’t find the colours I wanted in a texture that I loved. And now, errrr… one of two scarves done. The other colour seems to have less in the balls of yarn because I’ve come up short and had to unravel (sigh) the whole thing.  If I’m not too mad at the whole thing I’ll post photos another day.

On to happier projects.

I love the texture for the “big sister” blanket.  And the colour make me think of purple…

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A yarn sale started it…

Patchwork Ponderings

I love creating blankets and scarves. I love picking out the stitches and what colour yarn I want. I love the possibilities.

Pile of Possiblities

Then to tip my excitement over there are days like today…. A SALE and A COUPON for exactly what I want.  I was like a kid in the candy store being told I could buy my fill.

I was so excited because I have 4/5 projects to do by Christmas.  I get to make a couple scarves, a ‘big sister’ blanket (so she doesn’t feel left out), and a baby blanket with matching dolly blanket (so big sister can keep her dolly warm).

I’m especially thrilled about this baby blanket because I can make it in delicate baby PINK. I’ve made so many blue or neutral blankets, I’ve been dying to make a little pink one.

I looked through Pintrest ’til I found a pattern that called to…

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